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Cheers to East London

February 22, 2010
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Genesis Cinema mainly provides new features (except for some movies such as the stunning 80’s season). If you’re into digging up older or direct-to-DVD movies, Close-Up is the place you wanna go to.

Located in Brick Lane, this non-profit-DVD-library offers a wide choice of movies: foreign movies from US John Carpenter, French Jacques Tati, Italian Dario Argento, to Taiwanese Tsai Ming Liang and many more I had never heard of (shame on me), blockbusters, TV series (Simpsons, Twilight Zone, Black Book, The prisoner to name a few), genre movies (horror, science fiction, martial arts), documentaries, experimental movies…

Some Original Soundtracks are available on CD, and the library also has a boutique with second-hand DVD (I bought the complete season of Miami Vice for £3, what a bargain!) or brand new indie movies.

Pay £10 only for a month subscription,  and you’ll be able to borrow three movies for up to three days. New releases are due for the next day, but the sheer number of three-day rental movies that are available is enough to satisfy any cinemaniac.

The team working there is admiringly dedicated to cinema: expect enthusiastic comments and wise recommendations at the counter.

An amusing specificity of the service is that you’ll have to repeat your personal password every time you borrow something; think before choosing this password, and try to be as offensive as possible. The guys behind the counter are used to it 😀

For instance, my password was: Fucking A. Which gave us a few laughs.

That’s it for tonight, cheers!

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