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East London, mate!

February 7, 2010

I’ll write about some places that made my six-month stay in East London bearable.

First, on Whitechapel road, a seven-minute walk from my flat, is Genesis cinema.

With only five screens, there’s a quick turnover: movies are shown for one or two weeks at most. The selection is eclectic; for instance this week, Genesis features A prophet from France, Breathless from South Korea, Disney’s The princess and the frog, Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (which I was at some point considering watching out of boredom)…

Non-English movies are in their original version with subtitles (which is great!). Every Tuesday, the ticket is £4 for everybody.

After a long history as a music hall and theatre, the place has become a cinema. More here. A bar is available, and drinks are cheap (compared to average pubs). Besides, you can take your beer or cocktail to your seat. That’s England, mate! (there’s also five to seven ads for liquors or whisky before each movie, in the evening and for 15-years old classified films).

Now, what made my experience in Genesis unforgettable are the special screenings which took place there.

First, the 8O’s cycle.

Seeing The Breakfast club, Karate Kid and The Thing on a cinema screen was overwhelming, especially Karate Kid’s ending. What an intense moment, with audience applauses’!

These special screenings are put together by Club Elf, may they praised for eternity.

Fucking A!

To name a few movies I enjoyed at Genesis: Up, Fantastic Mr Fox, Where the wild things are, Avatar, It’s a beautiful life, The book of Eli.


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