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Ocean’s 11

December 28, 2009

‘Why waste those cute little tricks that the Army taught us just because it’s sort of peaceful now? ‘

The original movie made in 1960 with the Rat Pack (Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr, Bishop, Lawford) centers around a group of eleven army veterans that Danny Ocean (Sinatra) convinces to run a heist in the biggest casinos of Las Vegas.

Catchy punchlines and coolness ensue.

Dean Martin and Akim Tamiroff (également vus dans La Classe américaine)

The movie takes place during Christmas and New year’s period

Dean Martin is crooning

Planqué dans les poubelles dans l’attente des éboueurs: le grisbi, le pognon, la thune, l’oseille

The glowing footsteps: a smart trick used by the 11 in the heist, and nice images for the screenshot fan

Ocean’s eleven: an entertaining heist movie, with witty lines and charismatic actors (Sinatra as a leader, Martin as a crooner, Richard Conte as a dying man crushed by his responsibilities).  The scenes in Las Vegas show the huge cinematographic potential of the city and casinos with their beautiful settings.

The reasons why it’s the perfect to watch it during end of year period:

– The heist occurs during New year’s eve

– Dean Martin’s voice is, as usual, heart-warming

– Las Vegas climate and atmosphere will cheer you up

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