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‘Wake up wake up wake up…’

December 16, 2009
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Back from Julian Casablancas’ gig. It was sometimes wild, particularly in the beginning, with people pushing and squeezing, especially girls (Casablancas attracts lots of female fans).

A few notes:

Girls began to faint at the first song (30” after Julian grabbed the microphone)

– Despite the songs sounding more electro than rock, people were still jumping around and moshing

– Julian tried to slam on the audience twice, but failed each time

– There were two drummers: a bearded guy and a girl who was standing while hitting the drums

Left right in the dark performed live is awesome

I’ll try anything once performed live is OK

– Was annoyed by two girls talking loudly in Spanish, and met one Corsican guy (that’s how he introduced himself, I didn’t know it was a nationality…) with Bolivian origins, and discussed with him in French

– Received some beer in the hair (I missed that); was hugged by two guys on two separate occasions (maybe I looked like one of their friends)

– The HMV Forum in Camden is a nice venue; piece of advice: avoid watching a concert upstairs (get in the moshpit and get crushed cheerfully instead!)

PS: this blog is not dead, more articles will follow this one


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