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Whatever happened…

November 13, 2009

… in the 2000’s?

60’s saw a progressive shift of values (mai 68 in France for instance), culminating in the 70’s idealism. Then came the 80’s, deemed today as a lost decade, where money and bad taste reigned (I will discuss the 80’s in coming articles). The 90’s were the era of the generation X.

So, whatever happened in the 2000’s? Or should we call it the 00’s, a denomination closer to the previous decades (and which would, be that true or not, imply emptiness and dull years)?

This thought has recently stricken my mind; the coming of 2010 partly explains this. Richard Evans’s intro of his book, Remember the 80’s, has triggered my questioning.

Indeed, Evans tells us that the 80’s are the first decade he ‘could call his own; ten years of making the choices about what I liked, disliked, wanted and didn’t want, that truly said the foundations of who I am today.’

Being a toddler in the 80’s, and still a child through the 90’s, the 00’s are my decade. This blog will, besides the usual amount of cultural content I share, endeavor to give a personal hence biased answer.

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