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Fantastic Mr Fox

November 6, 2009

‘And so it begins’

The world premiere of the movie took place at the opening of the British Film Institute London Festival, and I am glad to announce that I did not attend the event (damn!).

However, I managed to watch the movie (one week later though, when it was released…). As I enjoyed Wes Anderson’s previous films but resented the length of his scenes (I nearly pushed the fast forward key while watching The Royal Tenenbaums), I was curious to see how he would manage to cope with the changes involved by this production.

Indeed, this is a stop motion movie, which doesn’t leave much space for long motionless shots (Anderson’s biggest weakness in my opinion). In addition to this, it is a movie aimed at a large audience, especially at kids, and more significantly it is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s work, unlike each of his other movies, for which Anderson also wrote the story. Having said that, I read  the novel too many years ago to recall anything useful for this review, but plan to re-read it soon (as soon as the local library has an available copy).

The audience is quickly confronted with Anderson’s trademarks (Futura font captions, family issues – even though it is not so dysfunctional as in his other films, use of pop standards including The Beach Boys). It takes a few minutes to get used to the stuttering and wavering moves of the characters*, and then you can fully enjoy the quality of the animation (man, having hairy animal puppets must have been hell to animate, especially in the dialogue scene between Mr and Mrs Fox with the light moving along with the waterfall ).

And the movie’s not boring at all! Moving, exhilarating, surprising but NOT boring. Thanks Mr Anderson, you must have gained new fans by now, and those who already liked your work  are more than ever looking forward to your new projects (well, one fan at least).


*: we don’t see much stop motion nowadays, not enough if you ask me. And the awful Corpse Bride doesn’t count. Mr HarryRayhausen, if you read these modest lines…

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  1. November 6, 2009 9:45 pm

    Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

  2. November 7, 2009 1:06 am

    I’ve chosen it from the themes provided by WordPress when I created the blog, it’s called Vigilance, you’ll find more here

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