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Tarantino – Jim Smith

November 2, 2009

‘I know everyone thinks I’m a chump, but they’re wrong and I’m right’

Tarantino - Jim Smith

A book on Tarantino movies, including the ones he directed (from his 1st short feature to Kill Bill Vol. 2), and also the ones he produced or wrote screenplays for  (True Romance,  Natural Born Killers…).

The book is written in chronological order, each chapter devoted to a movie, and each chapter divided into parts such as key shots (an often smart and relevant study of the reasons behind Q.T.’s choices on the shooting of a scene), recurring elements and cultural references (whose Tarantino’s movies are incredibly fraught with) , development of the movie (production; writing of the screenplay….).

To put it in a nutshell, a comprehensive study of Tarantino’s movies (Death proof and Inglorious Basterds were still projects at the time of its publication), giving short (a 276-page book) though enlightening elements on Tarantino’s style as a director and writer and on his influences.

The book however lacks a full biography of the director (I had already read a book  in French about his life, so didn’t really miss it).

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